Here Is Your Radio Course. Listen when you have time.

Practice reading and writing commercials for your sponsors. An example is below.

Big Apple Bagels, at the corner of Jefferson and Essington, says "Get Fresh With Us"! Stop in for three free bagels - Just mention you heard it on the radio! Big Apple Bagels says - Sample the Oreo cookie bagels, or Oreo cookie cream cheese as well as delicious pumpkin cream cheese! Try Brewster's gourmet coffee along with 'Big Soft Chewy" bagels made fresh at the site. Three free bagels at Big Apple Bagels - Open six to six Mon. thru Fri. Seven to Five pm Saturday and Seven to Two Sunday for your convenience. Mention this Ad and receive three free bagels at Big Apple Bagels - Jefferson and Essington. 

Dead Air 

Dead Air is the worst thing that a radio show can have. Dead Air is when there is total silence on the radio. Know that term and avoid it at all cost.

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